The global and economic world in which we live is ever changing. It is essential that we provide our young artists with the opportunities to support them to develop a repertoire of skills, knowledge and understanding.

Curriculum Outline: Year 7
Curriculum Outline: Year 8
Curriculum Outline: Year 9
Curriculum Outline: Key Stage 4
Curriculum Outline: Key Stage 5

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Exploring art will help our students to make sense of the world in which we live. Enabling them to articulate their ideas and concepts and express them. In doing so our artists will nurture their creativity and become adaptable, supporting their wellbeing and preparing them for work. Indeed, the department offers work experience opportunities for artists across all key stages.

The art department is housed across four purpose built art studios providing our artists with the facilities and classroom climate to consider a broad range of two and three dimensional outcomes. The art curriculum is delivered by art specialists all of whom engage in contemporary practise. We are very proud to celebrate our artists鈥 outcomes in our gallery and exhibition spaces; providing our learners the prospects of exhibiting their work as artists鈥 do.

Key Knowledge & Concepts
  • Use drawing as an aide to thinking and to obtaining and communicating knowledge.
  • Feel confident to explore their creativity using a range of techniques and resources.
  • Share the diversity of their outcomes through the critique, presentation and exhibiting of the work.
  • Engage with contemporary and historical artworks understanding the concepts and context.
  • Cross curricular opportunities are exploited.
  • Develop their visual, spoken and written literacy. A dialogue for learning.
  • Have a foundation of skills, knowledge and understanding that prepares them for future artistic progression (GCSE, A level and personal practise)

Our Curriculum

Connections to the art world are embedded in our curriculum which is developed by staff to reflect the learning needs of our artists and contemporary issues and research in art, craft and design education.

Accessing Art

Our artists are supported and encouraged to engage with artworks and art making beyond the academy. We have built up partnerships and links with local art galleries, universities and artists in order to provide experiences and resources in support of our artists becoming confident to make visits and explore art independently. In addition, our department FROG has a range of resources to support our artists to be independent.

Partnerships and links include;

  • Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art MIMA and MIMA school of Art
  • Teesside University
  • Northumbria University
  • The Bowes Museum
  • The Dorman Museum

Department Staff
Staff Role
Mrs A Charlton Head of Department
Mr T Hodgson Teacher of Art & Design
Mrs K Moore Teacher of Art & Design
Mrs E Spencer Teaching Assistant