The Global Perspectives course takes a wide range of global issues and encourages students to develop their critical thinking skills.

Curriculum Outline: Year 7
Curriculum Outline: Year 8
Curriculum Outline: Year 9

Global Perspectives offers students a unique opportunity to participate in learning beyond the requirements of the traditional curriculum. For one hour a week, they will learn about the world in which they live by exploring current/significant local, national and international events and will understand a diverse range of perspectives on these issues. Students will further develop the skills they need to become Active Citizens with a global outlook. Global Perspectives supports students in developing independence of thought, reasoning their opinions and showing empathy towards others who may have a different point of view.

Students are additionally encouraged to be proud of their town and its contributions on a national and international level and to recognise their role as individuals who can make a difference locally in Middlesbrough, for the United Kingdom and on the World Stage!

The aims for the course are:

  • Students will expand their knowledge of the local area by looking at our cultural heritage and the contributions made by the previous inhabitants of Middlesbrough
  • Students will learn about their role as Global Citizens and understand how they can affect positive change
  • Students will also explore wider issues that impact upon them directly and indirectly such as climate change, fake news, public health
  • They should develop a greater understanding of the privilege afforded to them by living in the UK compared with large numbers of people living in developing countries 鈥 and those suffering with the impact of famine, civil war, and environmental disasters
  • Students will show empathy and compassion towards others through targeted charity work linked to specific units of study 鈥 local, national and global charities
  • Students will develop a strong base of knowledge and interdisciplinary skills which they can transfer to other areas of the curriculum

Students will consider a range of themes within their programmes of study including:

  • Year 7 鈥 History of Middlesbrough and its context in the world, role of key figures including the monarchy and emergency services, role of global organisations such as the UN/WHO, impact of globalisation, role of education, health, poverty and inequality
  • Year 8 鈥 Conflict and peace, changing communities, health, tolerance, belief systems, language and communication
  • Year 9 鈥 First aid, benefits of the outdoors for mental health (Links to DofE), law and criminality, democracy, employment, rights and freedoms
Significantly, Global Perspectives will also address current global events as and when they arise in order to foster a culture of inquisitiveness and active participation in response to world events.
Department Staff
Staff Role
Mrs S Creasey Co-ordinator of Global Perspectives
Mrs S Barrett Teacher of Global Perspectives / Head of Year
Mr J Cox Teacher of Global Perspectives
Mrs F Daffurn Teacher of Global Perspectives / Deputy Headteacher
Miss M Dawson Teacher of Global Perspectives
Miss K Groom Teacher of Global Perspectives
Miss E Pezzini Teacher of Global Perspectives
Miss D Plant Teacher of Global Perspectives
Mrs S Simpson Teacher of Global Perspectives
Mrs U Storey Teacher of Global Perspectives
Mr D Wilson-Stonestreet Teacher of Global Perspectives
Miss H Wood Teacher of Global Perspectives
Mrs L Yale Teacher of Global Perspectives