Year 10 Networking in health and social care careers event.

Year 10 students studying health and social care were invited to attend a networking event to discover the many careers within this growing sector. There were 20 guests from 20 different sectors, from the typical nurse, midwife and paramedic, to a clinical scientist, a senior psychologist and a published university lecturer.

This networking event is so important to our students. It widens their understanding of the sector and also encourages students to be confident and speak to professionals about their back ground. Using effective questioning techniques, students were able to discover how the guests made their choices, what they enjoyed about their role and why they felt their career was suitable to them and others.

Students tend to choose careers they are aware of, so this event opens doors to exploring new opportunities and future growth areas. It also allows our visitors to network, to share best practice and to discuss how best to support of current and forthcoming students.

We would like to thank our returning students, who took time from their university studies, to be available to inspire our students to talk about their chosen university and course. We also thank those guests who took time from their very busy working schedule to speak with our students. This included Tees Esk Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust, North East Ambulance Service, Sunderland University, North Tees, RAF and South Tees NHS Foundation Trust.